Sunday, March 18, 2012

Linc's 1st Birthday Video!!

Oh my goodness this took me forever to do...for several reasons! First, I have to use Dave's computer to do all my video editing and since he is hardly ever home I don't get much computer use. Second, when he is home we are hanging out or busy with life out of the house so it makes it hard to find time to make videos. There are so many reasons, but why get in to all of them now...

Anyway, all excuses aside here is a little montage of Linc's 3 parties and all the fun he had...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

IT'S A....

It seems like only yesterday we found out that we were going to have a baby and now here we are at week 22 excited about boy #2! Linc is going to be such a good big brother...he loves patting babies on the head and even gives them gentle kisses. They are going to be best buddies! We do not have a name picked there is no need to ask about that. I was just saying the other day that if it is a girl, the only thing we have is a name...if it is a boy, we have everything except for the name. So for those wondering (if you can't figure out the math), my little boys will be 18 months apart. My mom and sister pointed out to me a couple weeks ago, when talking about gender, that if this baby is a boy as well I will have 2 boys on a mission for a while...which means they will not get to see each other almost 2 years!! This will definitely be hard, but it will be well worth it. Well we are so happy that Linc will have a baby brother to play with. I know that between the two little guys and Dave I have a lot of tricks coming my way...but it makes life fun. I have been busy thinking about nursery ideas and themes for this new little guy and will be busy sewing and redecorating until he comes. We bought Linc a toddler bed, but we are not going to rush him into it. I am still deciding our rooming situation and where everyone will be put. We have 3 bedrooms, so they each get their own room upstairs and Dave and I will be moving downstairs. I would say that it seems like my life has gotten busier, but my life is always busy...I think I like it that way. We will definitely enjoy these last 4 1/2 months just hanging out with Linc...I've got several things planned for our summer here in Lincoln so be on the lookout for many more blog posts. Grandchild Tally: Perez Side- 8 Boys 4 Girls (Linc was grandchild #10 in 2010, Jaxon was #11 in 2011, and Baby boy Wayt will be #12 in 2012!!) Wayt Side- 6 Boys 1 Girl (Baby Dooley and Baby Wayt will be about 6 weeks apart...and I'm sure there will be more pregnancies being announced in the near future!!) **Notice the overwhelming number of boys!!! I guess we need more missionaries...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Park Date with Mommy

Lincoln and I just got back from the was sooo fun and relaxing! He is such a cute little guy. He even got compliments of his Dr. Seuss shoes. I guess today was the day to go to the park because, I'm not even exaggerating, there were over 100 kids/parents at the park. It is a pretty big play area and it has an area for younger kids too. Lincoln loves the park...he gets to walk around all over and watch all the kids go crazy. He enjoyed walking on this incline part of the play area and LOVES THE SLIDE!! He just smiled and laughed and kept trying to climb up the slide...I guess its instinct. Of course, he had his turn on the swing...I think he loves the air in his face.

After that I took him over to a memorial garden area so that he could walk around without tons of kids. He really enjoyed that part. He met someone with a ball...she thought it was so cute that he was walking up to her with his arms out saying ball! She let him play with it for a while.

He even found some flag poles that he looked up at and banged on...I guess that is the Dave in him and his love for America.

After that, Linc spent probably about an hour playing with leaves. He was so content and amazed at how the wind carried the leaves everywhere. He would pick up handful by handful and throw them up in the air and watch the wind take over. He sat in the leaves, stomped in the leaves, tried to eat a piece of one, put them on the little wall and pretty much whatever else he could think of doing with the leaves. He had fun and could have stayed for hours in that little area. I promised him I would take him again another day...and that we would even show daddy this new park. He had a great time, oh and each time he saw a dog he would make his little bark sound and try to go get it. It was a great day with amazing weather!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blue and Gold Banquet-Angry Birds

Last night Dave had the Blue and Gold Banquet for the cub scouts. He had asked me several weeks ago if I wanted to make some cupcakes since all the families were bringing some. He knows I like to be creative and decorate so he thought it would be kinda fun for me. I had been thinking what I should do to decorate them and then it came to me....angry birds!! Everyone knows what they are and they are so popular right now.

I googled some ideas and found some I liked. I have to admit, I do like the way the fondant ones looked better, but these are totally edible and for little boys they were perfect. I got the idea off of, which no surprise are mormon moms. Go figure! I liked hers so I used her ideas and changed just a few things. When I was done I was really happy with how they came out! They were the first to go and Dave said that someone even took one before it was time to get cupcakes.

Linc had a fun time. He got to run around with all the kids and enjoyed a little outside time. It was a great success and I'm sure Dave is glad that one is over...

Laundry Fun

Lincoln is such a great helper! Well at least he tries to be...

First let me say that Lincoln loves when we do laundry. He likes to smell the dryer sheets. It's pretty cute...I give him one and say "Lincoln, smell it" so he lifts it to his nose and takes a big sniff. Then I say "let mommy smell it" and he puts it to my nose so that I can smell it to. We can play this game for ever!

A couple of days ago I was doing some laundry and went to go grab something and was gone for maybe 2 minutes. This is what I came back to:

You can't really get upset at him, especially not with his cute little face! I don't mind if he takes all the clothes out of the bag. He is just exploring the world around him, right? I started folding all of the clothes and then I notice him grabbing socks and walking away toward the kitchen area. I let him do this for a while and then followed him to see what he was doing with all the socks. He was taking them right by our hutch and making his own little pile. I started bringing them back and so he did too, but this time was putting them back into the big bag I use to carry the laundry every where. Crazy little guy...makes life so much fun!!

Park Playtime

Dave and Linc went to the park again this past weekend. There was not much snow on the ground, but boy was it WINDY!! Dave said that Linc was having a great time walking around and exploring even though his nose was running from the wind and cold. The little guy didn't want to leave. They stayed for a little while, but when it got too cold Dave decided to get the little guy in the car...of course Linc would have spent all day there.

Dave called me and told me that he wore Linc out, but that they both had plenty of fun. Of course, guy time wasn't over. They made a trip to home depot where I'm sure Dave told Linc all about tools, paint, wood and all the other cool stuff they have there.

Lincoln loves his dad! I love it when Dave comes home and Linc gets super happy to see him. He runs to him with his arms out, gets happy when we go pick him up and says "dadadada" on the ride to school, laughs and runs around with Dave at home, and well I especially love when Dave is holding Linc and when I try to take him Linc turns his little body towards Dave and grabs onto him so tight that I can't take him away. It is soooo sweet!

My Little SWEET Boy

So for those who attended Linc's birthday party where there was cake, you probably remember that he was not a fan! I thought that maybe he would be like his dad since he devoured his pie on his actual birthday. Well I highly doubt he is just going to be a pie guy. Somehow Linc knew that there was "nu-nums" in a container on the table. I'm not sure how he knew since the table usually has a bunch of things from projects I'm working on and not just food items. Well somehow he knew and he kept pointing to it and saying "nu-nums". After he ate his lunch I decided to go ahead and give him one, not sure if he would like it or not since it was a cupcake. Well let's just say that cupcake was gone in about 5 minutes! He completely devoured the entire thing. He started with just grabbing a little at the frosting, which had coconut on top of it and tasted that and then it was all in his belly from there. Maybe he just doesn't like store bought stuff and prefers mom's homemade treats!

And now that the cover is off of the he is trying to reach another one. He almost got it!

Linc and the Broom

Lincoln loves it when I sweep...he always chases me and tries to get it. Sometimes it makes me go faster and sometimes it takes twice as long, but either way as long as we are having fun that is all that matters. After a couple suggestions to get him his own broom I had kept my eye out for one his size. I couldn't find one so I put my brain to work and came up with a brilliant idea! Again, the dollar store helped me out. I decided to buy a dollar store broom and just cut it down to his size. It worked perfect! He loves to sweep. The morning after we bought it he swept for what seemed like the entire day! The only bad thing was that it wasn't cut yet, so he knocked a few things over from the counters and hit some things on the walls. Dave cut it for him that weekend and he has loved it ever since. Today, I was vacuuming the living room and he went and got his broom out so that he could sweep. I also gave him a clean spray bottle and Dave just laughed when he came home one night and Linc had his broom in one hand and the spray bottle in the other...I don't remember what he said to me, but it was something along the lines of me training him to clean. Of course I am!! You gotta train them young right, especially when they want to help...

Here are a few pictures of the new short broom:

The Big Green Balloon!

Linc and I went to the dollar store and found one of those big balloons that you attach a big rubber band to. When we got home that night I blew it up for him and he got so excited! We showed him how to bounce it super fast off of our hand. He tried and could do it a little, but is still working on it.

It has been about a week and he still loves that thing...whenever he sees it he reaches out and says "ball". We bounce it, throw it, and he bites it so surprisingly it has not popped.