Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soccer Fun

We went to pick up Robyn from Soccer camp at BYU. It was pretty hot out as we watched her game, but she enjoyed it. Linc enjoyed being outside for a while. We played around and Robyn and my mom helped me take some pictures of Linc's tooth. You can kind of see it. As I was looking at it I noticed a second tooth!! It popped through already so he is now enjoying his two teeth. I will try to get some pictures, but he is super protective of them. He would actually clench his jaw and not let me in his mouth.

Highland Splash Park

We met the fam at the highland splash park. We had Linc skip his nap so he could go play in the water. He really just wanted to take a nap. I held him pretty much the entire time. He played a little, but really just wanted his crib. It was a fun place to play.

It was hard to get a picture of these two little guys looking at the camera at the same time:

My little mover and shaker

Linc has been moving around a lot! Especially in his crib. This past week, as any day I heard Linc talking to himself through the monitor. I usually just let him hang out for a bit because he does so well. This particular morning I heard him talking and making his new favorite sounds "bababa" and "vavava". I walked in the room and this is what I saw:

He wasn't in pain so I ran to get the camera and took a bunch of pictures and even some video. He was smiling as I was taking pictures and just being his cheery little self.

Just Relaxing...

There have been a few times where I have caught Linc just relaxing with his feet up or with his knee over his other cute!! I have only been able to capture it a few times and not the best pictures so I will keep trying. I have to say though, I love those sweet little moments that I catch him doing the cutest things.


Life sure can change fast! We took a quick trip to Nebraska to make a final decision on law school. Well we are going to be going to University of Nebraska! The decision is final. At this point we have signed a lease and are making final preparations for our move. Our tour was awesome! We got a personal tour of the awesome football stadium and even got to go down onto the field. It was amazing! We left Linc at home with my mom and little sister who came to visit. It worked out great although we sure did miss him TONS!!

4th of July WEEKEND

It started with a day in the convertible. We went to have lunch at park and then we took some pictures of the Eclipse in case we decide to sell it. Linc took some pictures in it with the top down. He also had his first ride with the top down. I sat in the back with him and he ended up falling asleep about half way home.

Then firework watching from a school that had a ton of people doing their own fireworks before the big show. It was super fun and Linc loved all the cool flashes and lights. We put him in his little air force outfit to keep him warm.

Sunday we had a BBQ at home and enjoyed a nice day outside in the backyard.

Monday morning (4th) was Linc's big day!! We were in the 4th of July parade. We were all so proud of Dave who walked the entire parade route about 2 weeks post op. Linc fell asleep for part of the parade, but enjoyed it while he was up. We got to see a bunch of friends and of course our family was there to cheer on little Linc. It's actually a pretty crazy parade, Ryan got up at like 4:30am to get a spot on the route!! Thanks Ryan =)

That night we got to go to the Real Salt Lake practice field to see the fireworks from Thanksgiving Point. Thanks to Clint who works at Xango who got us all the first class seating. It was a little sketchy at first with all the sprinklers, but we eventually got to a spot that was not wet and enjoyed out night. I brought some glow sticks back from California that we also enjoyed that night. Linc was "talking" pretty much the entire show giving his comments after each firework...he actually sounded like his daddy! Like father, like son...Overall it was another wonderful 4th of July

Summer Trip to California!!

Linc and I took a trip to California (Dave had ACL surgery earlier that week and had to stay home) for Misty's graduation. We had a fun time! Linc got to see his aunt's, uncle's, cousin's, and great grandparents. David had a bbq in our honor and Duece and Makayla cleaned the corn, which turned out DELICIOUS!! Linc played in the little pool with his cousin Kaisun and enjoyed a little cool down from the hot heat.

Linc and I walked to the beach on Monday morning and spent some time hanging out on the sand and playing a little bit in the water. He was very curious about the sand and ended up tasting it more than one time! He loves sitting on the beach and watching the waves crash on the shore.

After the beach I used my sister's awesome camera and had a fun photo shoot with Linc. Here are some of my fave's:

Linc did such a good job with flying. He was a bit upset on our way to California, but when we got on the plane it felt like it was over 100 degrees!!! He cried a bit, but fell asleep when the plane took off and when he woke up towards the end he was just fine. The way home he did amazing! He was super happy (the plane was nice and cool) and sat on my lap and fell asleep again at take off and I actually had to wake him up when we landed.