Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oliver's 1st Month UPDATE

 Oliver has been adjusting really well! I realize that he really loves to be held and cuddled. He is super alert and has a very strong neck just like his brother Lincoln when he was his age.
 Lincoln had a picture similar to this one on the love sac with the star blanket so I had to get one of Oliver too! I even caught a smile in one of them!!
Oliver hangs out in his swing, usually on the table so crazy Linc won't get him! He doesn't mind his swing, but he prefers to be held for sure.
 Oliver's birth day gift took some time to get here. We got him a build a dinosaur, which is tradition in our family...well something from build-a-bear. Lincoln enjoyed opening it for him.
To celebrate Oliver's first week I did his first impression! I love his little hands and feet. He is the youngest I've done so far and they came out pretty good...I can't wait to finish it!
 Oliver is becoming quite the sleeper...not just during the day, but isn't waking up too much at night. I definitely appreciate that. It could be because he is in our bed and loves to sleep with mommy and daddy.
 Oliver had his first zoo trip already and slept through the whole thing! It's okay though because we documented it for him so he can remember what he saw...or didn't see.
 He wasn't as impressed with the bear as much his big brother was...maybe another time.
 My sweet little cuddly baby sleeps so comfy in my arms. I have been trying to spend time with both Oliver and Lincoln. Trying to find the balance between both has been a challenge that any mom of two has to learn, I wonder what it will be like with #3!

Oliver had his 2 week check-up and is gaining twice as much as expected...way to go! He was also born with tears, which doesn't normally happen. The consequence of that is plugged tear ducts. He had a really bad one in his right eye, but we got it all taken care of. He still has a little plug once in a while on his left, but nothing to worry about.
Linc loves playing with all of his old toys and sharing them with his new baby brother. Oliver smiles a lot in his sleep! It's one of my favorite things because I will be holding him and look over and there he is smiling.
 Oliver lost his umbilical cord pretty early, but had his first real bath around 3 weeks. He didn't really like it and cried almost the entire time...good thing Linc was near us to bring him his pacifier!
After his bath, he was so relaxed and just laid on the couch calmly. His hair fluffed out nicely once it dried.
We took another trip to the zoo for clown day...Oliver was awake for some of it, but on the walk home he fell asleep. I had to take a picture because of how he was sitting with his arm on his leg and his hand on his face...such a cutie!
 I can't believe how fast the first month went by! Oliver is really growing and he is growing fast! He has already gained about 4 pounds since birth (11 pounds 7 ounces) and has already grown half an inch (21.5 inches) People always think he is older that one month because of his size and I always get compliments on his awesome hair (faux hawk). Many people wonder if I actually style his hair and I tell them he styles it all on his own!
He had a wonderful first month of life and continues to enjoy and explore this world. I like the picture above because he is looking at Linc like "hey who is this little guy holding me".

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini Mr. Fix It

 Linc loves the scooter! Each time we come home and the scooter is in the garage, it will be the first thing he goes to.
 He also loves helping Dave fix it and has become really good with tools. He finds screws on his toys or on anything and will point to it and then point to where he knows I keep a screwdriver upstairs. He is a smart little guy.
Dave and Linc take a break sometimes and head to the gardens. Linc loves looking at the fishes and running around of course.

Finshing: Dad and Linc

 Dave took Linc fishing the first week Oliver was home to give him some special dad time. They went fishing at a lake here in Lincoln.
 Dave said he had fun fishing for about a half an hour and then was over the whole fishing thing, but still wanted to play.
A half an hour was all they needed though because they caught like 3 fish in the first 15 minutes in the special cove that they found. Dave let Linc reel the fish in and Linc was really good at spinning the string to bring them in. Apparently, Linc enjoyed grabbing the worms and tried to put them in his mouth. He also enjoyed doing some cool spin moves on the beach and of course throwing rocks into the lake. They had a fun time for sure!

Oliver's First Days Home

The day we got home Linc took some time to get to know his new brother...he really took a liking to him and gave him plenty of kisses. He also missed his old car seat so he took some time to sit in it. It looks like he is screaming for someone to get Oliver off of him, but it's his big smiles!
The next few days were pretty good, but we had some rough moments with Linc and Oliver...let's just say Linc gave Oliver a few love taps. I never left them alone, but Linc has some quick hands and a once he made Oliver cry...he has such a sad face and it made me feel so bad! Things have been way better and Linc for the most part just gives him hugs and kisses (although sometimes he will want to try to pick him up on his own).
 Linc loves to hold Oliver so these are some pics of my 3 boys just hanging out. I love the way Oliver is looking up at daddy.
 Linc loves his little brother!
 Big kisses from big brother to little brother.
 Dave trying to get them situated.
Lincoln holding his little brother's hand while Oliver lets out a big yawn. Oliver enjoyed his first few days in the world and adjusted quickly to his new did Linc.


Things have definitely been busy since Oliver was I am 8 weeks later getting to this post! We are all settled and getting back to our routine (new routines now with the two boys) and things are wonderful. So here is the Oliver story:

On Thursday July 5th I picked my mom up from the airport around 3, we stopped at the store and then went home. We had dinner and I finally packed my hospital bag...yes that's right, I packed right before heading out to the hospital! There was no being ready ahead of schedule with this little guy (the car seat had been pulled out of storage and cleaned like two days prior). My mom had just enough time to say hello and spend a couple hours with Linc before we left her with him to head out. We checked into the hospital at 8pm and they right away started monitoring and checking me. I was told that I would be given a small pill at about 9:30pm and then again in several hours. Apparently, my contractions were so strong and consistent that I didn't need the second dose and they started my pitocin around 2:30pm. I remember them calling my doctor in the middle of the night to let him know what was going on...he is amazing! The night carried on without any problems and around 11:50am it was time to push!! Things were going really well, except that Oliver did not want to turn face matter how much the doctor tried he was set on coming out into the world face up ready to see everything and meet everyone! Because of the way that he was positioned it took a lot longer for him to come out and ultimately Dr. Martin had to help with the forceps. Eventually the little guy was born and all was well!! 
The name we finally decided on: 
                 Oliver Franklin Wayt (to be called Oliver or Ollie). 
Oliver's birth stats: 
                 July 6, 2012  12:51pm
                 7lbs 13oz.     21 inches
 It was a really neat experience because as soon as he came out (and Dave cut the cord) they put a blanket on my belly and laid him right on there and cleaned him off a little while he was laying on me. It was a sweet experience. They left him there for about 20 minutes and then they took him and weighed/measured and cleaned him some more after which they gave him right back to me.
 After the tiring labor the sight of him brought tears to my eyes...I was so happy to have my precious baby in my arms, happy and healthy. He has loved to cuddle since the first moment and is so alert and curious about everything!
 My mom and Lincoln showed up and boy when Lincoln saw his daddy he was so happy, he ran straight to him! Of course he loves giving his brother big kisses and we snapped a quick family photo with the new little brother.

We enjoyed our hospital stay and I have to agree with everyone else who has delivered at Bryan LGH that it is the best hospital experience ever! All of the nurses and doctors were wonderful and the food was delicious!! Oh and Dave's favorite part was the guest hospitality room with tons of free snacks, foods, soda, juices, ice cream and more!
 Oliver was such a good baby and continues to be really good, especially at night. I think bath picture earlier is the only time I have seen his hair down like that, the norm is standing straight up so that he looks like he is sporting a faux hawk...which everyone comments on all the time because they love it and cannot believe how much hair he has.
 We had to take some pictures of us enjoying the room and of course the food! We enjoyed holding Oliver and having him cuddle with us.
 Linc and my mom came to visit us each day we were there and he loved the trips he would take with dad to the snack room. He would pick out what he wanted and bring it back to the room. Of course he had big smiles for daddy.
 When it was time to go home we got Oliver dressed in his Huskers onesie. We have to get him showing his husker pride if he is going to live here in Nebraska!
We were all ready to go in our Husker gear. We got Oliver in his car seat and of course before leaving Linc had to try out the baby bassinet...crazy big brother!