Friday, June 4, 2010

BYU 2010 Graduation!!!

This was such a great day!!! It was my last graduation ever. Absolutely no more school for me after this. I would go back for a PhD, but I hate research and statistics. It was a pretty ugly day and kind of rainy in the morning. The weather got better as the day went on, but it stayed pretty cool. Dave, Misty and I went to the social work reception prior to the graduation. We gave our class gift and mingled before the big event. We went to take some pictures before heading over to the Marriott center. Dave ran over to buy me a stole of gratitude and then I ran with Rachel to find out class before it was time to walk down to the main floor. We found them just as they were taking the class picture so we made it just it time...yes I still had my walking boot on at this time. We all got ready to walk in and as we walked down the long set of stairs it took me forever! My classmates in front of me slowed down so that it didn't look so obvious that it was taking for ever. It was a fun experience. I think we sat quietly for about the first 20 minutes of reading names and then we all started to get restless and started talking and enjoying ourselves. After the graduation was over we walked up the tall stairs again and I met everyone outside. We took some pictures and then Misty and I went to the store to buy some food for the bbq Dave and I were throwing. We made our homemade bbq sauce and it was so delicious! We hung out with Dave's family and had a great time. It was a wonderful graduation day and I am so glad to be done with school....FOREVER!!!