Sunday, November 13, 2011

Busy Body

My sweet little boy loves dancing and reading! He especially likes to turn pages with his mouth, particularly on his music toy. He will turn the pages with his mouth, take a break and dance and then go back to turning those pages. I could sit and watch him all day...wait, I do sit and watch him all day and I LOVE IT!!

Oh the Noises they Make!

Here are Linc's two new noises. They are quite silly, but cute. One of them sounds similar to his older cousin Vinny. Maybe they will have their own way of communicating when they see each other.

Adonde esta tu cabeza?

This is an added feature of the where's Lincoln's head post. He can now do it in Espanol!! Here is the footage...

They Grow TOO Fast!

I cannot believe Linc is already 10 1/2 months and come Christmas day he will be 1 year old! Time goes way too fast. There are days when I look at him and am amazed at how much he has grown and how much he has learned and continues to learn.

He continues to grow teeth like a champ...he now has 6 teeth! He has the 4 top front ones and 2 bottom ones. I notice his gums on the bottom are getting pretty swollen so I won't be surprised if the little guy pops another two out before he is one, which would give him a mouthful of 8 teeth. I'll keep you posted. For now he enjoys the ones he has and used them every chance he gets.

He continues to love to play ball and will throw and catch for a long time. He has figured out that if he throws it at the wall it will come back to him and he will sit, play and laugh as he does that. It's adorable.

He also likes throwing the little ping pong balls all around and chasing them all over the kitchen, dining room, and living room. It keeps him entertained forever!

He also loves the mirrow and will laugh and smile and he always looks for me through the mirror. He will blow raspberries on the mirror and then laugh at himself.

Other times we play "where's Lincoln" as he crawls all over and under everything. Sometimes we play where is Mr. Bear and I will hide his bear and he will go and find it. The other night Dave and I played hide and seek with him and I would hide behind the wall and Dave would ask "where's mommy" then Linc would go and find me. I would then ask "where's daddy" and he would go find Dave. Smart little guy!

Other times Linc just relaxes on the bean bag...he looks like he is getting so big in these pics!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Run, Tackle, Scream

Lincoln loves his dad! They play every chance he can. One of the things Linc likes is to tackle his daddy. They would run and jump on the bean bag, then Linc would tackle Dave and end it with a scream. They did this for probably an hour! It didn't get old and it was really fun to watch. Linc enjoys it and laughs. So precious! This video is from a couple weeks ago, but still a good one...

Where's Lincoln's Head?

This is brand new as of today! Lincoln is learning where his head is. He kind of took the lead on this one and I followed what he was doing. He was doing it without prompts to start, but then I would prompt him by putting my hand on my head and he would then follow my prompt...still amazing! I know I've said it plenty, but he is one smart cookie!!

Moving on up...

This past week Lincoln finally moved from his infant car seat to his big boy car seat. The infant one was getting pretty tight, especially now that he is having to use a winter coat in the mornings when we take Dave to school. This was the last time that Linc was in his infant seat. It snowed and rained that day and it was the first time he wore his big coat, which he doesn't really like. It restricts his movement and the hood covers his eyes sometimes. I think he will get used to it soon though.

Now we have him in his big boy car seat and he likes it! There is plenty of room for his jacket and plenty of room above his head.

He did take some time to say good-bye to his old car seat before it was completely put away.

Just like all kids Linc may have enjoyed the box that the car seat came in more than the seat itself. He took some time to play and explore and we even experimented with his light toy in the dark. He really liked it. He has no pants because the little wiggle worm will crawl away as fasst as he can so it takes some time getting him dressed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

If you're happy and you know it...

Lincoln surprises everyday! He is now starting to clap along with the song "if you're happy and you know it...". The cool thing is that he doesn't just clap randomly, he claps when you are supposed to and does the two claps!! We don't let him watch television, the only thing we let him watch is the your baby can read DVDs and it's not even daily. I have noticed that when I sing him the head, shoulders, knees and toes song he looks over at the TV because he recognizes it as one of the DVD songs. He is a smart little guy and is definitely starting to recognize some of the words and phrases. I'm so proud of my little guy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Attack of the Squirrel!!

I was so sad when we found my pumpkin that had been attacked by the squirrel. We left the pumpkins out Halloween night so that there could be something festive when the trick-or-treaters came. We actually only had two and they came at the same time!! Oh well, the trunk-or-treat was a success. I needed to send out a piece of mail the next morning so I opened the front door and saw the squirrel eating Dave's pumpkin!! I closed the door quietly and quickly grabbed the camera. I caught the little guy on video. The crazy part is that I think he saw me, he was looking right at me through the window...I think he had a look on his face that said, "yes I am eating your pumpkin and you aren't going to do anything about it". He just kept on eating. I went out there after he ran away and snapped a few pics of Dave's pumpkin. He ate all the teeth from the mouth that he carved. Crazy squirrel!!

The Happiest Halloween

Linc's first halloween turned out the be a great one! It was definitely a busy day and exhausted all three of us. We took Dave to school and then I came home to finish our shirts. Linc's costume was complete, but since I started our shirts the night before I was a little behind and had to work hard. I finished the shirts with just enough time to get myself ready and have a quick bite to eat. The law school had trick-or-treating for the kids so I had to wake Linc up to get him ready for the fun! He is such a good little guy, I opened his door and he heard it and woke right up. It was just about time for him to wake up so he was well rested enough. He had no problem with me getting his costume on and when I was painting his face he was laughing and laughed when he saw himself in the mirror. It turned out really good and everyone loved him at the school. He had a great time and by the end of it he knew what he was supposed to do when they put the candy bowl out for him. He is a sweet little count von count and even though he was still not 100% better he enjoyed the day. After the trick-or-treating at the law school we made a quick stop at home to get the candy and our pumpkins for our ward trunk-or-treat. As Dave ran up our stairs to the porch I heard him say "a squirrel is eating your pumpkin!". It really did a number on my poor pumpkin. He ate the eye and like the whole middle part. It actually made it so that the middle chunk fell out!! AND it stole my candle!!! Here is the before: And here is the after: After that we hurried up and made our way to the trunk-or-treat at church. We did not plan well at all! We were out of candy in like 5 minutes!! We took Linc around and he enjoyed looking at all the crazy costumes. He even made a little clown friend at the balloon station. He enjoyed it, but we left when he started to get fussy. We made a quick stop at the store on the way home to pick up some candy for the trick-or-treaters at the house. When we got home we wanted to take a few more good pics of Linc. It was kind of difficult because he was exhausted and hungry for real food!! I gave him some pineapple and meatballs and he ate every bite. We got some cute shots of his fangs, his vampire look, and baby vampire playing. We even caught the vampire dancing! Oh and of course we got some of his bite...he actually bit the apple. We heard the crunch!! Overall, it was a very successful Halloween!! At the ward trunk or treat

Dancing Vampire

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Our Pumpkin King

Today was quite the day! Dave stayed home with Lincoln while I went to church. He was actually kind of sad when I came home and told him they had talked about emergency preparedness. Everyone had to fill out a list and Dave has done a pretty good job getting us started on our emergency essentials. Later in the afternoon I made some chocolate covered pretzel sticks and decorated them for my little primary class. I'll give them to them at the trunk or treat tomorrow. After a delicous dinner the real fun began! Linc had his first pumpkin carving experience. We put the pumpkins on the table and Linc explored them a bit. He stood by them, sat on them, crawled through them and then I think he was ready to get down to business. He watched Dave cut the top off of the pumpkin. After the first slice I moved him away because he wanted to do what daddy was doing and was reaching for the knife. Linc then prepared his tool of choice. He tested it out, which for Linc means in the mouth and give it a bite! After he was done testing it out he watched how his daddy carefully scooped out all the pumpkin guts. He was taking note on how he should do it. I guess after thinking about it Linc felt that the little orange scooper was not going to be sufficient so he used what works well for him...his mouth!! He was NOT shy about it at all...he bit right into that thing and stuck his whole face on it! The taste of pumpkin is not an unfamiliar food for the little guy, he loves squash and just ealier that day had the left over baked pumpkin from the pumpkin curry I made recently. We let him explore and then when he was done he just threw it down. He definitely got the full experience. He took a nap and then when he woke up we were done and here are some pics of the final products. Daves is the scary big mouth pumpkin and mine is Jack Skellyton. Lincoln says "what"...LOL (ok not really, probably, but it sounds like it)

Linc eating the pumpkin