Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Watch out...I BITE!!!

Linc has his teeth and he is ready to use them! We were finally able to get some pictures of his teeth, a couple with him showing them on his own too. He has been a little tender and in some pain, but is doing well. He loves to chew on everything and anything he can get his hands or mouth on. He has grabbed my hand a few times and boy does it hurt!

I took him to the doctor the other day and the doctor said that he has very mature gums. He said that they look like the average 9 or 10 month old. I guess Linc is really developing more to the rate of his size instead of age because people always guess that he is several months older than he actually is. The most shocking news from the doctor was that he expects Linc will probably have about 8 teeth by the time he is a year old! Hmmm...steak dinner for his 1st birthday anyone? Haha...just kidding.

I think this might be his first picture where he is smiling so that we can see his cute pearly whites. He is growing so fast. I'm pretty sure I saw tooth #3 getting ready to come in, but we will see when it pops out.

I guess I should be grateful because normally all the biting comes when the child is walking around interacting with all the other kids. Hopefully most of that desire to bite will be gone by the time he starts walking. So bottom line, if you see him and he goes to grab you...WATCH OUT!!