Wednesday, December 9, 2009

BYU vs UofU...Way to go COUGARS!!

We had planned on studying all day Saturday after Thanksgiving, but when three BYU vs UofU tickets came available priorities kind of changed. I told Dave that I was just going to study, but when he didn't want to go without me I told him I would go. By that time the tickets were being decided between people and we decided that they would go to my father-in-law, Andy and Jason. Dave and I decided that we would go and see if we could just buy tickets at the game. It was pretty risky because tickets were being sold online for over $100! We decided that we would take out things to study and if we found tickets for $20 then we would go, if not then we would study. Either way we would have fun and get to spend time with each other.Dave was able to talk a scalper into selling us the tickets for $20 so we got to go! This was definitely the game to be at. It's the biggest game of the year and everyone goes wearing their colors.

Of course we had on our blue and white! Dave loves this game because the two teams make red, white and blue! For half-time BYU and the Utes combined and they did a really cool patriotic half time performance.

The game was so exciting! Dave started feeling sick at half-time, but stayed the entire game! I kept telling him that we could go because he didn't look too good. He is definitely a trooper. It wasn't as cold as the week before, but it was still pretty chilly. We shared a hot dog at half-time and ate some fruit snacks to hold us over. We were planning on going to Tucano's (Brazilian meat restaurant), but once Dave got sick we decided to go straight home after the game. At the end of the game we were tied! The Utes had just kicked a field goal and tied last minute. In overtime the Utes got another field goal, but that wasn't enough because we got a TOUCHDOWN and won the game!! The crowd seriously went crazy...everyone started to rush onto the field. In the span of like 5 minutes the entire field was covered with people cheering and celebrating.

We went to the store before going home to get medication for Dave. After that we made Christmas cookies for his parent's Annual Christmas Craft. Everyone was using cookie cutters so we decided to get creative. We made a Jack Skeleton Santa.

Happy Thanksgiving...

It was such a nice week! I had one class and work 2 days. Other than that We just relaxed and enjoyed our free time. I think we deserved it because the week that followed could probably go down in our history as "the worst week ever", but that is another post all on its own!! There were about 40 people for Thanksgiving. Tons of food, family and fun! Thanksgiving was at the in-laws this year.

We had some time before dinner and of course we played around with my new camera. Andy (Dave's little brother) volunteered to be our Guinea pig. We wanted to show another cool function on the camera. It can make people smile!! Some look super funny, but others look pretty realistic. You can make your own judgment on how Andy turned out...

Dinner was fun. We sat with some cousins and got to talk with everyone. We had some yummy desserts. Dave had apple pie and I had pumpkin cheesecake and pumpkin pie...I was pregnant at the time so technically I was eating for two. I had also lost about 5 pounds so I figured the extra dessert wouldn't hurt! Oh yeah, we had decided to tell the family that day that we were pregnant. It was a big surprise...but the other surprise came the following week (the worst week ever).

My super cool birthday present!!!

For my birthday Dave bought me a super cool camera! It has a smile detector that you can turn on and then it will only take pictures when people are smiling. We had tons of fun with it and have a bunch of fun pics. We went to IHOP for some yummy breakfast and as we waited for our food I read the manual for the camera while Dave snapped a bunch of photos!

After breakfast we went back home to get ready for the BYU vs air force football game. A classmate had extra tickets for sale and I figured if I wanted to go to a game before I graduate then this would be the game. It was really fun and really cold. We went with Jason (Dave's cousin). It ended up being like a sports weekend. The night before the three of us went to Throwdown mixed martial arts fights. It was actually pretty fun. I think I got pretty desensitized because after a while I was cheering on all the fighting. I missed the first part because I went to the temple...yeah doesn't really make sense the temple and then MMA fighting.

Anyway, we had a blast at the game football game and I have never seen so much blue and white. BYU fans are true through and through! Go Cougars!!

That night we went to our new favorite Thai food place for my birthday dinner. Oh the food is soooo good! That was actually our second weekend in a row eating there. It is in a cute little house. The decor and service is wonderful. If you are ever in American Fork check it out: Thai Village. We stayed in our BYU game day gear and had a wonderful relaxing dinner. After dinner we went back home and watched a movie. Dave also gave me some therapeutic books for children on divorce and death. He knew that I had been wanting some for my office and he actually looked a bunch of books up online to review them. Unfortunately, his top books were not available at the store when he went so he bought me a few others that he picked out. He is so wonderful. He said that he wanted to give me a fun gift (my new camera) and a thoughtful gift (my new books). He did a wonderful job and made my birthday weekend unforgettable!

Kevin on a mission!!

Kevin left for his mission in September, shortly after Dave's birthday. For our last meal together we went to get some sushi. The boys had sushi and I had some tangerine chicken. It was pretty good, but I don't think we will be going back there.Actually, our other last meal we had with Kevin was at a hot wings place. Now that place was really good! We all really loved that place. We miss Kevin, but are so proud of him out in California serving the Lord. The Sunday before he went home we had a dinner for him. Dave and I bought him a journal so that he could keep all of his fun mission stories in there and share them with us when he gets back.