Sunday, July 15, 2012

Final Pregnancy Update

Wow...It's hard to believe that a belly can get sooo big!! I'm pretty sure there are still 1 or 2 more pictures missing from the last 2 weeks, but at this point this is what I have. My 37 week picture is after we got home from the dairy farm...a long hot day for sure! This pregnancy really was ALL BELLY! With Linc I was all belly, but I did show some fullness in my arms and face. This time around it was nothing but belly...

The pregnancy went really well and I really can't complain. The doctor was always pleased with my stats/vitals and weight gain as well as with the baby's vitals. I'm guessing I was one of his easiest patients to date. Dr. Martin was seriously the best! When Linc would go with me he would entertain him and involve him as much as possible. One time when Dave took Linc Dr. Martin pulled down the football so that Linc could play. I remember Linc would always stop when he heard his baby brother's heart beat and would just stare over toward my belly.

What Linc thought about my belly: he would always think it was a ball. I remember as my belly grew Linc would have less and less room to sit on my lap. Poor little guy would bring me a book and then would slowly back up to sit on my lap, which eventually he had to move the my leg as I sat cross legged on the ground with him. I would love to know what he was thinking throughout the has to be weird to see something changing on your mom's belly and not really understand what is going on. 

Prairieland Dairy Farm Day 2012

As cub scout master Dave helped organize a trip to the dairy farm day. He was really excited when he found out about this event because he knew Linc would love it and because it was all FREE!!
We parked at a high school and then we took the bus to the dairy farm. We got off the bus and first thing we saw was a mini horse. Linc saw it and wanted to pet it. Next we stood in line for the tour of the dairy farm. As we waited in line to get on the trolley for the tour, I quickly grabbed some of the free ice cream for us to enjoy. It was delicious!!! We toured all around and were amazed at the facts that were shared about the cows and their dietary habits. We were pretty close to the cows and Dave was tempted to reach out and touch one...I told him not to though. After that we walked around to some of the booths and collected some free stuff. By then it was lunch time. We stood in the long line, which passed pretty quickly. Lunch included chips, carrots, a delicious beef sandwich with bbq sauce and all the chocolate, strawberry and regular milk you could drink! Dave probably drank over a gallon the whole day and Linc had quite a bit too! Oh and remember that wonderful lunch was FREE!
After lunch we went to the kids area and checked out the petting zoo. He was not afraid of touching the animals at all. When we got to the pig Linc snorted, maybe his own attempt to communicate with the pig. I think he liked the baby cow better than the big mommy cow, but he still gave them both a small pat. We saw a cow picture spot so of course we had Linc do his big smiles!
I think that Linc's favorite part of the day was playing in the corn pit! He could of stayed there all day. The corn was all over him, in his pants, shoes, top of his diaper...we found some when we got home in his pants. He played with the big rake, scooped it up and poured it out, walked in it and tried whatever else he could do. If I could have one of these at home I definitely would...maybe in the future. We played a ball toss game and both Dave and I won a Nebraska glass!
 Linc also took a go at milking a cow and was able to squeeze some water out of the was a fake cow of course. He did a little bowling, which was mainly him tossing the ball at the milk jugs. After all that fun Dave and Linc went to climb the hay castle and they made it all the way to the top. Linc liked climbing of course. Before we left, Dave and Linc took a ride on the tractor train. They had a lot of fun...Dave wanted me to go with them, but I told him I was not going to try to squat down in one of those little carts with my big belly so they went on their own.
 It was a long fun day! We went to stand in line to get on the bus back to our car, but I made a quick detour stop and got more ice cream for us to eat while we waited in that line. Someone was handing out these little milk pencil toppers and when Linc saw that I had it he wanted it. The silly little boy was so exhausted by that point that he fell asleep in his stroller...with his milk in his mouth. He slept for about an hour as we waited in line and took the bus ride back to our car. Our car was sooo dirty from the trip up and now that the mud was all dry we could really see just how dirty it was. Linc woke up as we were getting him in the car and he was once again his happy go lucky self. Can't wait til next year!

Where's Lincoln...Museum Fun!!

 Lincoln has been enjoying hide and seek more and more lately. He always initiates the game on his own and loves to hide behind the curtains, although he does enjoy hiding in his closet or our closet or under the table or even just behind the wall of the next room. Every time he hides I'll start singing "where is Lincoln" and he stays there until I find him and then he asks for more...over and over and over! This particular day he was hiding and then after a while he went and got his book and decided to sit behind the curtain and hide while reading his book. He is so sweet and smart!
 Later that evening Dave joined us for dinner and then we went to a children's concert at the children's museum. Linc loves music! We got there and were looking for a place to sit and he automatically starts dancing. We made our way up toward the main concert area and I found him an instrument that he shook a little. It was fun and he especially liked the bubble machine. He kept pointing to everyone who had a snow cone and would ask each time "what's that". We bought him one and he was very were we since it was pretty hot!
After watching the concert for a while we went into the museum to check out the new water exhibit. Linc sat and splashed around for a bit and then we made our way to the rest of the museum. This time we checked out the planes and all the areas with buttons for Linc to push. He found the big chess game and decided to play that for a while. Then he and Dave took a ride in the plane. Linc is an awesome pilot! Before we left Dave and I played a game of connect four on the giant sized game. I lost of course, but it was fun.

Trago Splash Park

We have been enjoying the time Dave has had out of school and have tried to do family activities whenever we can. It has been great and I know Linc has been very appreciative of the time dad is spending with him.
We heard about a splash park here in Lincoln and scheduled a day to take Linc.It was a really cool place and very popular...especially with 100+ degree weather. Linc enjoyed the water and the little splash fountains. I guess I'm not as brave as Dave because when it was dad time they ran straight through all the big splash fountains and got soaked.
Linc enjoyed it, but after a while the wind chill made it a little cold. He still played with the smaller fountains and a bit in the bigger ones, but mainly stayed exploring the little fountain. He would step on it until the water would come out and stomp around. He was a good sport and had lots of fun.
After a while he was done with the water and wanted to play on the playground. He liked going up the stairs and peeking out of the holes to look at us. They even had these spinny things that you can sit on and someone can spin you around. He did pretty good for his first time and was holding on pretty tight, but I think at one point he got dizzy and couldn't hold on and just fell back. Our tough little guy was just fine and laid there looking up at us til he got help up. We played until it seemed to be too cold for Linc and then went back home to enjoy the rest of our evening. We will be visiting that park again before summer is over!

Father's Day 2012

Dave and Linc are best buds for sure! Linc is always excited to see his dad and to play with his dad and to do anything with his dad. It makes me so happy to see them together and the joy it brings to both of them. Father's day morning I got up and made Dave breakfast..."Chilean" eggs, sausage, chocolate cinnamon rolls, and of course fresh squeezed orange juice. Linc and I took it up to him along with his presents. I got Dave a new Porter Cable Router and Linc got him a DVD player for his shop so that he can be entertained while he does all of his woodwork.
Of course we had to show dad how sweet he was so we treated him with some of his favorite candies! Linc was quick to grab the box of cashew turtles and held of to them pretty tight. He also wanted the Werther's chocolate toffee sticks. We all ended up going downstairs so that we could eat breakfast together. It was a good morning.
Dave helped Linc get ready for church and Linc even put on one of dad's ties, which only made it to the car ride, but it was really cute to see Linc with a huge tie on. After church I prepared dinner and got the shrimp on the skewers so Dave could grill them up...after a bit of rest of course. Linc joined dad outside to do the grilling and together they grilled up perfection!
Along with the shrimp we had elotes, fried rice, watermelon cucumber salsa and some super delicious peach lemonade. Dave picked his dinner and definitely enjoyed it! I even enjoyed the shrimp, which normally I'm not a seafood person so they must have been super delicious.
Linc even enjoyed a mini elote on the stick just like us. I have never seen anyone clean the corn off the cob as well as he did!! He went to town and devoured his corn, chili powder and all! Linc couldn't let dinner pass without giving his dad big hugs. After dinner we enjoyed a walk to the gardens and came back for some apple pie, which didn't come out how I planned...but we at least enjoyed a piece each. I blame it on the pregnancy and my lack of brain power haha! Overall, Dave said that he had a wonderful day.

The scooter experience

 Dave has been having some hard times with his scooter, he took it all apart and put it all together (and since has done it about 2 or 3 more times). He thought he could fix it on his own, but after taking it all apart and putting it back together this first time with no luck of it starting he contacted his facebook buddies and asked if anyone knew of any scooter repairs close to us so that he could walk it over. Luckily one of the people offered to pick it up and take it because it would have been a few miles away. They got it all set up on the trailer and when they got to the shop Dave explained what happened and that it wouldn't start. The mechanic guy then turned the key and well what do you know...IT STARTED WITHOUT A PROBLEM!! Poor Dave was dumbfounded since it had not done that before. He rode it home and was happy to show me and Linc and told us the whole story. We laughed about it and then Linc got his first scooter ride! Linc is addicted to scooters and motorcycles now...every time he hears them he is always fascinated and he now knows when Dave gets home by the sound of the scooter and garage door opening. Linc loves to help Dave fix his scooter, but more on that later...
Linc as usual is very busy. He was kinda bored one day as I was cleaning or doing vinyl or something so I let him play with the plastic containers. He now loves that cabinet...good thing I have a safety lock! He was also using the colander and marker to make some cool beats. He continues to be a happy and exploring little boy.

Lincoln Children's Zoo Day

The morning after we got back from Memphis we enjoyed a family day at the zoo! It was Runza Reading Day so they were doing a bunch of fun stuff including free train of course we took advantage. We all enjoyed the ride around the zoo and seeing the animals. Linc got Runza Rex on his arm and scored some free books and stuff, one of the books is an ABC book and he loves reading that one over and over. It was a pretty hot day, but overall it was a great day...