Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's for Dinner at 9 Months?

Today Linc is officially 9 months old!!! I cannot believe how time flies! I have to say that I absolutely love being a mother. There is truly no greater joy. I love when Linc grabs my face and turns it toward him and then gives me a kiss. I love it when Linc crawls over to me and climbs up on me and gives me the sweetest hug and then rests his head on my shoulder. I love it when I go in to get him after he wakes from his nap and he is sitting there with a huge smile. I love it when he hears Dave's scooter ride up and he stops what he is doing and looks toward the window. I love it when he crawls away, but stops to see if mom is there. I love it after bath time when I wrap him in his towel and carry him up to his room and he just looks up at me with a calming peace. I love it when he sits in his high chair and swings his chunky little legs back and forth reminding me how stress free life can be. I love every part of motherhood and all the joy it brings to my life.

Last night I came home to the sweetest thing. I think it was about 9:30pm and as I walked up the garage steps and into the house I turned the corner and Dave and Linc were sitting at the top of the stairs. Linc was standing with Dave holding him and Linc saw me and had the biggest smile! It was almost like he knew he was supposed to be asleep, but wanted to give the cutest look he could so I would forget that he was still awake. Well I was actually happy that he was awake! He was so happy and playful. Dave and I played with him for about 15 minutes before putting him to bed. He loves it when one of us holds him and the other chases him. He laughs so hard!! We did that over and over and over and then finally tired him out, put him in his crib and he fell fast asleep. today I made homemade spaghetti sauce, meatballs and bread sticks for dinner!! Linc has been showing more and more signs of wanting to self feed so I gave him his very own plate of spaghetti and a meatball. As soon as I put it in front of him he reached for the spoon and put it straight to his mouth. He is doing a really good job and most days when I feed him he grabs the spoon right before it gets to his mouth and then finishes feeding himself. He is even doing a pretty good job of drinking out of his sippy cups, although I think he still prefers a regular cup without a lid. More and more he eats just what we eat...he likes it that way. I know for certain that knows when he gets something different from us because I will catch him staring at what we are eating with a look that says "I WANT THAT". Well there it is...our sweet little 9 MONTH OLD LINC!!!

Yeah for Teeth!!

Yeah!! As I was looking for Linc's sleepy play video I saw some pics that I had on my phone of Linc smiling. I looked at them and noticed that you can kind of see his teeth. I think the top left tooth (on the right side when looking at him) are more visible in the pictures. I did notice that in the blurry picture you can see two white blur areas on his upper gum, which are actually his teeth! Too bad he moved or I could have had a better picture. Oh well...I will get some better ones, but for now these will have to suffice. I'm guessing if you click on the picture to make it bigger you can see his teeth even better!

A Tired Kind of Play

Lincoln loves to play! He loves music and he loves to be involved. A couple days ago he was standing at the couch and playing with his toy, but he was kind of tired. He kept putting his head down and looking at the toy, but was not fully engaged because of his exhaustion. I thought it was pretty cute so I grabbed my phone and recorded a little bit of it. I think I put him to bed just after I stopped recording.

Dave and Linc's Night Out

Dave, Linc, Tyler and Calvin went to Memorial Stadium to watch the Husker's away game on the huge screen. It is a pretty cool thing they do. For all away games you can go to the stadium and hang out on the field or in the stadium seats and watch the game on the super huge screen. They have bounce houses and you can just run around on the field all while watching the game. They had fun and enjoyed a night with just the guys. Linc looks so tiny compared to the big letters in the end zone!

Dave was so proud of our little guy because he was approached by a student finishing up her degree in photography and asked if she could take pictures of Linc for her portfolio because he is such a cute baby...her words, not mine! We are waiting for some of those pictures so we hope she finds Dave on Facebook so that we will get the digital copy. She showed him the picture that she will use for the main page of her portfolio...our little Linc, a natural model haha!! Well they had fun and I'm excited to see the pictures because they are of both Dave and Linc. I will post them when I get them.

Linc's Newest Teeth...

I have been trying and trying to get a picture of his new teeth, but this little guy will not let me! They are a lot harder to get in a picture than the bottom two teeth. We have tried many different things, tickling (but he moves around too much), opening his mouth (but he clenches his jaw and pushes our hand away), holding him upside down (he always smiles, but not when he knows we are trying to get the teeth), and many other attempts. I will keep trying to get a good picture because you can't see any of his newest teeth in these...who knows though maybe by the time we get a good picture his top front teeth will have decided to come out too!

Here are some of our attempts:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Some Fun Videos

For those who love to watch Linc and all the silly and cute things he does, I decided that I would just post some fun videos for your viewing pleasure. They are in no particular order. I'm kind of just going through our videos and labeling them. Also, sorry for the ones that are sideways, if there are any...they are from my phone and I cannot figure out how to turn it.

We have been working on this with Lincoln, it is kind of a hit and miss right now, but just like those who saw the dance dance he is starting to clap now on request.

Linc's favorite sound has been babababa, it has been for a while.

Dance-Dance-Dance: Linc loves to dance. He started dancing on his own when we would hold him up. We didn't get the dance dance stop on this one, but he is dancing to his Spanish nursery songs and if you notice he keeps a pretty good rhythm!

Linc used to jump towards Dave and he would get some good air to where he would almost be standing straight up before he would go forward. It was one of Dave's favorite things to have him do.

Here is a clip of Linc crawling toward the lamp, he got the cord so the video was cut short...haha!! He is a funny crawler. He has kind of progressed, because he started with rolling everywhere and would go from one side of the room to the other, then for a short while he would do this army/caterpillar crawl, then he started with the one knee and one foot thing, which most kids do after they have been crawling for a while and now he sometimes does this thing where he is on his hands and feet! I think he is trying to shortcut his way to walking...I'll keep you posted for sure!!

As we were packing up to move, I had put Linc in his swing for a minute so I could do something real quick. We look over and the silly little guy is swinging himself in the swing! The batteries were completely dead and it wasn't even on...CRAZY!!

One of my favorite things is to watch Linc through his baby cam and see what he does as he goes to sleep or when he wakes up. This is a video of him before he went to sleep. Sometimes he just sings, laughs, rolls around, sits up, stands up, yells, or sings his sleepy time song. You can hear his newest singing voice which is the high pitched "ahhh" type sounds.

Linc has been doing this silly scrunch face snort smile thing that he picked up a few weeks ago. Dave and I think it's so funny when he does it. It's kind of random, but sometimes he does it back if we do it to him so we often try to get a good video of him doing it.

Happy 27th Birthday Dave

Monday was Dave's birthday so we had a celebration! Dave and I woke up at the same time. He always does a bit of studying in the morning before school and I got up to make him breakfast. He studied in bed while I made him an omelet, french toast, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Linc gave him an early present the Friday was a Huskers shirt that he could wear for Spirit Day Friday!! On Friday's before a game day everyone is wearing red and Dave's professor will call on you if you are not wearing red so we made sure he had another shirt to wear. His birthday morning we brought him breakfast in bed and gave him another little gift...a Huskers hat and some Milky Way. He enjoyed his breakfast and had to share with Linc who was grabbing at the plate with big eyes. Linc also had his first taste of fresh squeezed OJ and loved it.

Dave was at school until about 6:30pm and then we went out with a group of friends to Thai food. I have to say that we weren't too impressed with it and we won't be going back there again. Linc on the other hand could not get enough of it. He kept grabbing and pulling at my arm, which held the fork, and trying to get me to give him some. I started with just rice, but before long he was eating the pad thai and massuman curry. He loved it! I felt bad for Dave though because we just wanted our favorite Pumpkin curry from like we had in Utah from our favorite place Thai Village, but these people had no idea what pumpkin curry even was!! After dinner we all went back to our place and had some razzleberry pie, apple pie and of course ice cream. Dave got a couple more presents that night which included a huge thing of soda and plenty of candy and goodies to help keep him awake during classes and study time. We also gave him a circular saw so that he can make some more things for our home...haha!! Overall, he had a great birthday.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Linc's Husker Football Pics

I had a coupon for a free session and collage at Sears so I took advantage and put Linc in his Huskers jersey and had some pictures taken of our cute little baby boy. The picture lady loved photographing him and said he is the easiest most photogenic baby ever! I have to agree...hmmm maybe I am biased though. This is definitely a favorite. He has his game face on!

He was actually making his silly snorting laugh noise and she snapped the picture at just the right moment. Here are a few of the others we love. Yup the Sears copyright is across his face because we are too cheap to buy a picture disc that costs almost $200!!

Lincoln Air Show

This past weekend we went to the Lincoln Air Show. It was super fun, but it made for a long day! Dave and I felt like horrible parents, because we were not expecting to be there so long and we all got a little sunburned. Linc's nose and cheeks got a little red, but for the most part I kept him in his stroller with his shade cover up. The show was cool and so were all the planes. We stayed to watch the blue angels, which was probably the best part. I guess that's why they keep it for the end of the day. Lincoln got to sit in a helicopter and he looked so cute in that big seat!!

We took some pictures by the planes and even got to go in one of the Air Force planes to take a tour. It was really big so we got to take the stroller in with us.

In the afternoon, Linc couldn't take it any longer and he finally gave in to taking a nap...well sort of. We had just put him in the stroller and were walking off when I heard a little boy tell his mom "look at that baby he is asleep". I saw him point to Linc so I looked over at him and sure enough he was sitting straight up and had fallen asleep!! It was the cutest thing ever. I had to video it and snap a quick picture before we laid him down. After we laid him down he slept for probably an hour and then woke up to enjoy the rest of the show with us.

After the day was over I took some pictures of Linc's face. He has been blessed with good skin because now he is sporting a nice tan. Like mommy like son. Next time though we will be way more prepared. Neither of us had been to an air show before and didn't realize it was an all day thing.

Dental Hygiene is Important!!

Linc loves to brush his teeth and it's a good thing because I have a feeling that he will have 4 new teeth come October. The other day I was changing his diaper and he gave me a big smile and I saw two white bulges in his mouth!! They were two of his top teeth. Funny though because they are not the two front teeth, they are the ones right on either side of the front teeth. One of them has already poked through just a bit, enough to feel it with your finger and the other looks ready to pop out any day now! His front two teeth gum are looks pretty swollen so I'm sure those will soon follow. Maybe the way he eats is encouraging his teeth to come in. He will for sure have a mouthful of teeth for his 1st birthday!!!

Just Relax...

People are always saying how Linc is such an easy-going little guy. Well he is super chill. I love how he always puts his feet up on his crib railings. I lay him down and he drinks his bottle with his feet up or sometimes I go to get him when he wakes up and he has his feet up just hanging out. At least I know he is super relaxed and not a stressed out baby!

Stand and Play Linc

These days Lincoln cannot get enough of standing. He will pull himself up on anything and everything. He has the strongest little legs. He loves to pull himself up to the couch and some of our storage bins and play on those. He also loves to walk and if you go a bit faster with him he will's really cute to see how his feet keep up with the speed we have him go. Oh and he even goes backwards!

Stake Softball Tournament

We were invited to play in the stake softball tournament a couple weeks ago. It was a super hot day, but a fun one. Poor Dave hung out with Linc instead of playing because of his knee surgery. I wish I was the one that got to hang out with Linc while he played. He would have done a lot better than I did. He and Linc had a good time. Dave got Linc wet with the water bottle and I helped in the end, we wanted to keep the little guy cool. We also had our first Nebraska dog experience. Apparently Nebraska has special hot dogs that are Husker Red that taste pretty good. If you get a hot dog at a game, you get a Nebraska dog...Go Huskers!!

Milk Mustache

Linc and I were eating breakfast together one morning and he kept looking at my banana milk. I decided to give him some, which he absolutely loved. He ended up with his first real milk mustache!!

8 Month Old Linc

Linc had his 1st "month older" here in Nebraska and turned 8 months old!! He is growing way too fast! Some things he loves to do: laugh, walk with our help, crawl all over, eat big people food, smile, make silly noises and faces, wrestle with his dad, bite my shoulder (he is teething like crazy), pull himself up on things, get into everything, sit himself up (he can go from laying on his back to sitting in like 1 second...this kid is fast), play catch, sing with his beautiful singing voice, throw balls, get tickled, tackle pillows, climb on our big love sac/bean bag and probably so much more that I am forgetting. He is the sweetest, cutest, happiest, smartest little guy ever! We are the luckiest parents in the world.