Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday...the good, the bad, the ugly

Friday morning April 16th around 5:30am my car alarm that I didn't know I had went off. Dave woke me up and asked me if it was my car. I automatically got up and started pushing my lock button on my car remote and the alarm stopped. I went back to sleep and then got up a couple hours later to get ready for work. I noticed Dave's sweater was on his car hood. I thought it was odd so I called and told him. He later told me that his brother's car had been broken into, luckily his car was unlocked so they didn't break anything. I guess the same thing happened with Dave's car, too. I thought I was lucky because my car looked I thought. I went all day at work and then went to get gas before going to my MSW Class of 2010 graduation party. I told Dave that I was going to stop and get gas before and that I would meet him at BYU. He stopped to get some energy snacks for our big race the next day. As I was pumping gas I noticed something weird with my convertible top. There were some black string looking things. As I took a closer look I noticed that my car top had been cut, twice! It went all the way through. When the people tried to open my door from the inside of my car it set off my alarm and scared them away...luckily!! I was pretty upset, but Dave was way more upset than I was.

I showed him my car when I met him at BYU and then we went to our party. We had a good time. We mingled and had some good food. We stayed for a couple hours and then went to get some last minute things for our race. When we got home Dave had already called the police and they were on their way. They got there about a minute after we pulled into the driveway. We filed our report and then I made my insurance claim. Now we just wait to see what happens. The sad thing is that we were getting ready to leave the nest and move out on our own, but now this is going to set us back financially! I'm grateful for my wonderful in-laws providing us a place to live for now!!


The day finally came...we have been training for this half marathon for several months now. When I started to train back in February I didn't think I was going to be able to do it. I am not a runner, I never was, and I thought I never would be. I proved myself wrong! Dave on the other hand ran track in high school and loves to run. He had no problem with this, I think his biggest challenge was staying at my pace and not getting ahead of me. Okay, so Tuesday prior to the race my foot started to hurt. I taped it up and tried to baby it and by Friday it felt okay. I went to pick up our race packets on Thursday and was super excited. We woke up at 4:30am Saturday morning to give ourselves enough time to get to the starting line on time. We made it to Salt Lake and then waited for quite some time to get on Trax to get to the starting line. Trax was so full with the thousands of people that were racing that day. Luckily, we got a seat and were able to sit on the ride up.

We made it to the starting line area with about 15 minutes to go. Just like the other girls I had to use the bathroom before the race! We were short on time, but if I didn't go before I knew my bladder would not last for the entire 13.1 miles! There were tons of people in the lines to use the portapotties.We started about 20 minutes after the gun time, but we had a clean start and got to run off the starting line instead of walk. We were doing amazing and had a really good pace going. I think it was about mile 5 that I started to feel some pain in my foot again. I tried to ignore it and just kept running at the good pace we had going. I started to run on my toe, which helped it a lot. After about 3 more miles I could barely stand it. I finally told Dave and we really slowed down. I tried to walk, but it felt worse so we just kept running. It was awesome because there were people along the entire course cheering everyone on! I really needed that because without it I would have let the pain get to me. I really started limping the last 2 miles or so and Dave was helping me run by holding some of my weight as we ran arm in arm. The last half mile or so was filled with tons of spectators cheering people on as they reached the finish line. My pain went away and we ran to the finish line. As soon as I crossed that line the pain shot through my foot and I was done. I had a bag of ice and was limping for the rest of the time. We got our finishers medals and finished the race in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. We could have had a much better time than that, but those last few miles really killed and people kept passing us. I guess at that point I just wanted to finish the race. Dave kept offering me a piggy back ride, but I wanted to finish on my own. We were so happy and Dave was so proud of me. We enjoyed out time at the finisher's area and were greeted by family. Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

On the way home I took off my ankle tape and noticed that my ankle was bruised. It hurt extremely bad and I hobbled on it or had Dave carry me. It was pretty swollen and sore.

We got home and were locked out of the house. Dave got into the house and we ate some pasta and he played some video games to relax. After that we watched an episode of 24 and then slept for like 3 hours. When we finally woke up we went to dinner with Clint and Cassie. Cafe Rio never tasted so good! That night I took my last final exam ever and got a 94/100!!

Monday morning I went to urgent care because I wanted to get my ankle looked at. I figured if it was sprained I wanted to be sure it wasn't too bad. I thought I would take a week off to rest my foot and then get back to my normal routine that includes Zumba and now running. Unfortunately, I left urgent care with a walking cast because I have a stress fracture. I get to wear my wonderful boot for two weeks minimum! It is going to be difficult, but I guess my body is actually going to get the rest it needs. Too bad graduation is Friday!

Another Weekend in California

We got to spend another weekend in California. We love those weekends. My sister is getting married so I got to throw her a bridal shower. It turned out wonderful with all the help I had! It's kind of hard to plan a shower from out of town. So we left Wednesday after work around 6:30pm and didn't get in until about 4:30am. We were exhausted! We slept in and then had a lazy morning. We ate breakfast and watched some episodes of 24 before getting ready. We did some preparing for the shower and bought some prizes. We went to my brother David's house and spent some time with the kids. They are so cute and have the cutest personalities. We did some more shopping before heading back Christie's. I helped her get her invitations ready to be mailed out. They look really nice and their engagements came out good, too!

We slept in again on Friday and then went on a run in preparation for the half marathon. We wanted to run on the beach, but our plan was ruined when we turned away from the beach instead of toward it. We were only supposed to run a 11 mile run that day, but it ended up being about 13 miles. We were exhausted! I felt so bad because Dave didn't get to run on the beach. We made it back to my sister's place and then decided to grab some food and eat it on the beach. We found this place called Malibu Fish Grill. I normally don't go for seafood, but was so hungry that fish & chips sounded wonderful! Dave got the Wahoo Ono Plate. I tasted his and it was really good. I was either really hungry or I have misjudged seafood. We took it to the beach and enjoyed a nice meal on the sand. We planned to have a bbq and grill some chicken with some homemade bbq sauce from Dave's grill book, but the grill didn't have gas so we ended up baking it instead. It was really good. We watched The Wiz while eating because my nephew Mikie had never seen it. I guess he didn't end up liking it because as soon as the boys were done eating they went to play video games. Christie and I kept getting the invitations ready to be mailed.

Saturday morning Dave dropped me off at Misty's. She kindly offered to help me that morning get ready for the shower. We went to get presents for Christie and then got the food and some last minute prizes for my candy memory game I put together. Christie's shower was a blast. We had good food and decorations. Fun games and prizes. One of her old co-workers even made little dress cakes! I put together a dozen roses with the things that Mike loves about her and she almost started to cry, which then made me almost start to cry, too! She got tons of good gifts that are fun and practical.

Dave and I drove home Sunday morning. We stopped in Vegas at the outlets to do a little shopping. We got some good stuff for our half marathon from the Nike outlet. At one point we were literally on E. I thought we were going to run out of gas, but I kept praying and had faith that we would get to the next gas station. I did not want to be stranded. Luckily we barely made it to a gas station! I never realized that a gas meter could actually get to "E" and still run...crazy!!

Easter 2010-A weekend to remember

We had a pretty good Easter weekend. It was general conference weekend so very relaxing. It started off Friday night with Dave's mission reunion. It was awesome! We went to JCW's after with two of his old buddies and talked until after midnight...and after the restaurant closed. On Saturday in between sessions Dave and I went for a 10 mile run in preparation for our half marathon that is approaching quickly. Saturday night Dave went to Priesthood session with the boys and I went to dinner with the girls. It was a fun time. When I got home I had to hurry up and sew his Easter basket lining. If you know Dave, then you know how much he loves America! He now has his very own patriotic Easter basket. On Sunday morning he got out of bed and told me that he would be right back. As soon as he left I pulled his Easter basket out and placed it on his side of the bed. When he came back he saw it and really liked it! He then gave me a note from the Easter bunny. I had to go on a scavenger hunt to find my Easter basket. Here are the clues that the bunny left me:

Given the nature of this tradition, being as i am an Easter bunny of a surly nature I have hidden your gift so that you can't find it. Hahaha, I will however give you hints so I can watch from a distance as you struggle finding what is yours. Good Luck!

1. I spin round and round. If you don't feed me in a timely manner, I will make you stink! (the dryer)

2. I swing back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....(the swing outside)

3. I'm as cold as ICE!! (the freezer)

4. I am behind the smallest picture frame upstairs.

5. Instead of a "boot" or a "tow" you get me. (ticket on windshield)

6. (I can't find it because it was put to dry from the snow on my car...oops!)

7. My purpose is to sing. I summon those who are hungry. When you hear me, it's time to Eat! (bell in kitchen)

8. I am in the same place as the funds for a special vacation coming up in the distant future. A place of serenity and a very famous pineapple plantation. (Hawaii fund jar)

9. I am the biggest reflection in this house. (mirror Dave made at bottom of stairs)

10. I'm outside, but you can only get to me by way of the room where pepper (dog) used to sleep...go there as if your objective was to cool down a fresh apple pie right out of the oven. (upstairs in Andy's room outside the window on the roof)

It was a fun little adventure...I am glad I found it!

During the afternoon session Dave kept me company upstairs while I made two homemade apple pies...HIS FAVORITE!! I hadn't baked in a while so it was nice. They turned out yummy and were a great treat after a wonderful Easter dinner.