Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This is how the belly grew...and GREW!!!

I told Dave I was pregnant after we ran our 1/2 marathon together...he was super happy! Looking at all these pictures I seriously cannot believe that my tummy got so, well, HUGE!!

12 Weeks:

15 Weeks

18 Weeks

20 Weeks

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

26 Weeks

27 Weeks

29 Weeks

32 Weeks

34 Weeks

37 Weeks

39 Weeks

41 Weeks

Monday, June 6, 2011

A whole year flew by....

So I obviously have not been keeping up on our blog and since the last entry tons has happened…which is obvious if you know us. I have decided to just start fresh and give a quick update on what has happened since, well a year ago!!! So here goes:

Dave graduated from UVU last Spring

After a lifetime of preparation and having to decide between several schools, we have decided on Creighton University Law School starting this fall!!! We were so close to going to Gonzaga and a few phone calls from a professor out at Creighton changed out minds. Congrats Dave. I am so proud of you! We will be moving to Omaha, Nebraska in August to start a new adventure!!

My older sister Christina got married last year Memorial Day Weekend and I cannot believe they have already celebrated their one year anniversary! The wedding was a blast and we were all worn out by the end of the night.

In June of 2010 Dave ran his first Ragnar relay and has been hooked since! He will run one in a couple weeks, which will be his 4th in a year!! Dave got a team together and we ran one this past April, which was my first and 4 months after having Linc so it was a pretty big accomplishment for me. The one we ran together was from Huntington Beach to San Diego and was a beautiful weekend that ended on an amazing beach.

The 4th of July included an eventful day that included the wonderful Stadium of Fire with Carrie Underwood and awesome fireworks. They even honored all of the Eagle Scouts and of course my husband is an Eagle Scout. He got to stand up and be acknowledged with all the rest. I also made Dave an American Flag cake!!!

Deuce and Makayla stayed with us for a couple weeks in July. It was super fun and we tried to keep them as entertained as possible. We played at the park, went for scooter rides, got ice cream, had slushies, went of a picnic, took them camping, played in the water, picked raspberries, played at a pizza arcade, went mini bowling, fed the ducks, went to the zoo, and played in a waterfall. They seemed to have fun and I know Dave enjoyed the mornings that Makayla would wake him up by tapping on his cheek wanting to climb into bed with us. Maybe we will have them again another time...we will see

In August 2010 we took the big Wayt family picture, but by the end of the year it was already outdated...haha. We had the Wayt family fun weekend and had some fun, food, games and even sleeping in the backyard.

Dave turned 26 in 2010. We went to Benihana's and I made him birthday pie...his favorite!!!

My sister and Misty threw me an awesome baby shower. It was based on a baseball theme, which is Linc's room theme. It was wonderful and I got diapers to last me about 4 months. My sisters-in-law also threw me a wonderful shower close to home. Thanks to the two showers we were stocked!

I had a wonderful birthday this year. Dave arranged for us to go to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. It was wonderful and not to mention our Benihana dinner before. The only sad part was when we got back to the parking garage and it was closed!! We had to pay to get our car out...oh well it makes it that much more memorable.

Christmas eve...ahhh the last day with my belly. It was great. We started off with our new tradition of going out to a yummy breakfast then enjoyed time at my in-laws making gingerbread houses and dinner. My mother was in town and we had my cousins come over too! The next morning I went into labor and that takes us to the next chapter of our lives...