Sunday, September 2, 2012

Oliver's First Days Home

The day we got home Linc took some time to get to know his new brother...he really took a liking to him and gave him plenty of kisses. He also missed his old car seat so he took some time to sit in it. It looks like he is screaming for someone to get Oliver off of him, but it's his big smiles!
The next few days were pretty good, but we had some rough moments with Linc and Oliver...let's just say Linc gave Oliver a few love taps. I never left them alone, but Linc has some quick hands and a once he made Oliver cry...he has such a sad face and it made me feel so bad! Things have been way better and Linc for the most part just gives him hugs and kisses (although sometimes he will want to try to pick him up on his own).
 Linc loves to hold Oliver so these are some pics of my 3 boys just hanging out. I love the way Oliver is looking up at daddy.
 Linc loves his little brother!
 Big kisses from big brother to little brother.
 Dave trying to get them situated.
Lincoln holding his little brother's hand while Oliver lets out a big yawn. Oliver enjoyed his first few days in the world and adjusted quickly to his new did Linc.

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