Sunday, September 9, 2012

Oliver's 1st Month UPDATE

 Oliver has been adjusting really well! I realize that he really loves to be held and cuddled. He is super alert and has a very strong neck just like his brother Lincoln when he was his age.
 Lincoln had a picture similar to this one on the love sac with the star blanket so I had to get one of Oliver too! I even caught a smile in one of them!!
Oliver hangs out in his swing, usually on the table so crazy Linc won't get him! He doesn't mind his swing, but he prefers to be held for sure.
 Oliver's birth day gift took some time to get here. We got him a build a dinosaur, which is tradition in our family...well something from build-a-bear. Lincoln enjoyed opening it for him.
To celebrate Oliver's first week I did his first impression! I love his little hands and feet. He is the youngest I've done so far and they came out pretty good...I can't wait to finish it!
 Oliver is becoming quite the sleeper...not just during the day, but isn't waking up too much at night. I definitely appreciate that. It could be because he is in our bed and loves to sleep with mommy and daddy.
 Oliver had his first zoo trip already and slept through the whole thing! It's okay though because we documented it for him so he can remember what he saw...or didn't see.
 He wasn't as impressed with the bear as much his big brother was...maybe another time.
 My sweet little cuddly baby sleeps so comfy in my arms. I have been trying to spend time with both Oliver and Lincoln. Trying to find the balance between both has been a challenge that any mom of two has to learn, I wonder what it will be like with #3!

Oliver had his 2 week check-up and is gaining twice as much as expected...way to go! He was also born with tears, which doesn't normally happen. The consequence of that is plugged tear ducts. He had a really bad one in his right eye, but we got it all taken care of. He still has a little plug once in a while on his left, but nothing to worry about.
Linc loves playing with all of his old toys and sharing them with his new baby brother. Oliver smiles a lot in his sleep! It's one of my favorite things because I will be holding him and look over and there he is smiling.
 Oliver lost his umbilical cord pretty early, but had his first real bath around 3 weeks. He didn't really like it and cried almost the entire time...good thing Linc was near us to bring him his pacifier!
After his bath, he was so relaxed and just laid on the couch calmly. His hair fluffed out nicely once it dried.
We took another trip to the zoo for clown day...Oliver was awake for some of it, but on the walk home he fell asleep. I had to take a picture because of how he was sitting with his arm on his leg and his hand on his face...such a cutie!
 I can't believe how fast the first month went by! Oliver is really growing and he is growing fast! He has already gained about 4 pounds since birth (11 pounds 7 ounces) and has already grown half an inch (21.5 inches) People always think he is older that one month because of his size and I always get compliments on his awesome hair (faux hawk). Many people wonder if I actually style his hair and I tell them he styles it all on his own!
He had a wonderful first month of life and continues to enjoy and explore this world. I like the picture above because he is looking at Linc like "hey who is this little guy holding me".

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