Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lincoln Update 18-21 Months

It's so hard to catch up when I get behind on Linc-o updates because he is growing and developing so fast! It seems like when Oliver was born Linc grew overnight!

18-19 MONTHS:
He has gotten really good at flipping through books with mom and finding the things I ask him to point to. I remember we were working with one book and he only knew one or two things and by the end of the week he knew almost everything in the book! Some of his new words were bowl, juice, door, no more, Oliver, Walmart, and rainbow. Lincoln is really good at sharing, yes that's right! He knows how to share and has no problem doing it. If you ask him to "share" with someone he will give whatever it is to that person. He is really good at sharing his treats, especially with the other kids in church.

Lincoln has started walking down the stairs like a big person, he never really wanted to turn and go down the stairs and has always wanted to walk down like us. With lots of practice  he got it down and now goes up and down just like a big person. I love having a good little helper around! Lincoln will find little pieces of trash and take them to the trash to throw away. He also continues to help sweep, mop, vacuum and have to train them young! Lincoln has had the cutest jump for the longest time where he will bend down and then pop up while lifting one leg high off the ground. Well the time has come and now Lincoln does super big jumps and gets both feet off of the ground! Lincoln has also learned how to maneuver his fire truck toy on his own and rides it all around the house. He loves his new brother and always wants to give him hugs and kisses. Lincoln also showed me a new trick where he can hold two of the ball pit balls in one hand. He is always amazing us with the new things he teaches himself.

20-21 MONTHS:
Life has been so crazy since Oliver was born.  Linc was 18 1/2 months when Linc was born and it seems like that is about when I stopped writing things down to help me with the Linc updates. Wow so now I have to go from memory and I know I'm going to be missing so many things! In the past couple months Lincoln has grown and developed so much! He is finally enjoying nursery and has no problem took about two months! He is also getting way better at being with others while we are gone. He loves to play with other kids and likes to hang out outside playing with the neighborhood kids.

 He is doing a lot of imitating these days, not only with his actions, but words as well! We are realizing we need to watch what we say and how we say...especially while driving! He says new words everyday and I'm always surprised because he seriously just says them out of nowhere. He is also getting really good at expressing himself and his needs. He tells you when he wants to get "down" and uses that one a lot! He sees dad and pats his own head to indicate he wants to see the scooter and the helmet. He always finds the "moon", loves playing with "keys", likes his "shoes" and "socks", makes the sounds for all the tools, says "choo choo" when he hears the zoo train, talks in a monster voice, knows what a fire truck says, loves to point out pictures of "mama", "dada", "ah-ver", and lincoln. He loves to say "ba-bye" and wave to lots of people and things (and I love how he leans forward a little when he does it). He knows all his stuffed animals names and can say them all! We always ask him which stuffed animal he wants to sleep with and he will answer us each time: Mr. Bear, Charlie, Big Ben are some of his favorites. Speaking of his stuffed animals...he LOVES them!! He always carries them around and even took Mr. Bear to his first dentist appointment. He cuddles with them and gives them hugs and kisses. He shares his drinks with them and all his food. I love when he walks around with them and holds them under his arm and how when we are getting ready to leave he will always go and grab one of them to take with in the car. Linc knows how to throw a frisbee and loves playing baseball, football and basketball. His newest favorite thing to say is "go go football" each time he sees anything football related or the Husker N.

He is so sweet and will come up and give me hugs or just want to lay and cuddle with me. He loves tickles on his face, head and back...probably because it is so relaxing! He loves to get his hair done and then look in the mirror and smiles. He is getting better at brushing his own teeth and instead of just sucking on the brush he is starting to actually brush. Oh and of course he says toothbrush. He continues to love to read and now when he looks at his go go bobo books he will actually say: go go go bobo. Oh and one time Linc brought me a book with the page open in one hand and in his other hand he had Mr. Bear...He was pointing to the bear in the book that was riding on the bus and then holding up Mr. Bear and showing me. At first I didn't realize what he was doing and then I realized that the bear looked just like Mr. Bear and Linc noticed the similarity. Linc has been into throwing the ball and hitting it himself with the bat. Lincoln still loves to be held and is so playful and happy. I love that now he knows when he wakes up in the morning he can call out for me and I will go get him. I also love how he dances and is getting more and more dance moves. Dave is showing him some and his newest is putting both hands up in the air and shaking his arms and head.

Some other things he does: jump spins, tackles his stuffed animals (especially his big frog), blows bubbles into his cup when he drinks, identifies the trash man as "yuck" and also says that when he sees me changing Oliver's diapers. He is also starting to ask to go to the bathroom, which he doesn't actually have to do, but wants to sit on the toilet. Another thing I enjoy is when I go to check on Linc because he is being too quiet and I see him sitting on the floor with all of his books flipping through the pages. Well I hope this was a good enough update...although I wish I could just record every little thing I see him do because I know there is so much that I am leaving out.

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